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Auditing Services

Auditing Services according to Capital Market Legislations

We do audit services for annual and interim periods according to legislations   to Publicly Held Companies, Intermediary Institutions – Corporations, Investment Funds, Investment partners and Portfolio Management Companies

Audit Services according to Turkish Commercial Law Legislations

Auditing Capital Adequacy Tables

Public Offering Processes

External Audit and Reports asked by Credit Institutions

Auditing and Reporting Financial Reports of Natural Person and Legal Entities who operates in Energy Markets According to Energy Market Legislations

External Auditing Demanded by Banks and/or Institutions Loans Credits

Audit for Approved A, B and C Class License of Under Secretariat of Customs and Reporting,

Audits for Taxation of Foreigners,

Audit Services for Revaluation of Equity Share




For Further Information about Auditing;

Burak ANASONOĞLU – Auditor

burakanasonoglu@arilar.com.tr | +90 (224) 211 42 27


Assurance Services

Enterprise Risk Management

We are being supportive for companies to determine risk held by institutional business strategies and to lead the risks. We do consult for effective reporting in the light of legal and private legislations intended to institutive risks, determining of Administrator Risk Appetite, choosing that which risks would be taken chances or not.

Internal Auditing and Consulting Services

In the case there is no Internal Auditing department, the outsourced audit provided by us or in the case there is an Internal Auditing department, improvement of internal auditing operations and consulting on implementing of daily audit techniques, and consulting on providing sustainability of all these operations and creating internal audit system methodology are the services which are given under the Internal Auditing and Consulting Services.

Business Processes, Internal Control and Compliance Services (GRC)

As analyzing all these processes, to determine the deficient and risks, setting off, reconstitute, and/or rehabilitant of existing internal control environment against the risks, auditing for adaptation with the procedures and instructions are the services given.

Fraud Audits and Fraud Preventing Consulting Services

Determining fraud risks, and identifying the probability of misuse, auditing of frauds after tip or demanded by administration of the company, and perform works in order to reduce the risks as creating awareness on employee and administration.



For Further Information About Assurancy;

M. Mürşid ŞAFAK – Internal Audit Specialist

mursidsafak@arilar.com.tr | +90 (224) 211 42 27


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